Jonell, Inc.

JONELL coalescing elements deliver extremely high removal efficiencies of liquid and solid aerosols in air and gas applications. JONELL gas coalescing elements are used in a variety of applications including the protection of natural gas compressors, turbines and mechanical seals, preventing fouling and excessive wear caused by oil, water and other contaminants.


JONELL sock type filter elements are manufactured from specific blends of media designed for each particular application.  This custom design insures the compatibility as well as the efficiency of each JONELL element.  The filter mat produced by the exclusive JONELL process gives a uniform gradient density filter media that provides long life and high particulate retention.  The filter media is placed around a spiral locked metal core that provides superior support to resist high differential pressures without collapse.

The filter element produced by this process provides
true depth filtration for liquids. It also provides for a gradual differential pressure increase during the life of the element.  The cartridge will not channel or by-pass.


JONELL pleated media elements are designed to remove particles from liquids or gases. We offer various types of media including resin-bonded cellulose, polypropylene, polyester, micro-fiberglass and the K-series. These elements are available in numerous configurations, in both nominal and absolute filtration.


JONELL'S units coalesce and separate hydrocarbons and water. JONELL produces various designs and micron ratings that replace most original manufacturers' elements used in industrial applications. These designs include DOE, SOE and threaded base style end caps.