Frying Oil Treatment


MAGNESOL® XL "Frying Oil Saver" is a safe, pure white compound that meets the food-grade specifications of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is approved by the Canadian Food And Inspection Agency (CFIA).

® XL removes both solid and dissolved impurities from used oil to give it extra life that reduces frying costs and increases profits. Your oil stays fresh, clear, and sparkling clean so you can fry light, crisp, and golden delicious fried foods.

MAGNESOL® XL is activated! It is different than any other purifier on the market. Filtering every day with MAGNESOL® XL not only removes food debris from oil, but it also removes dissolved impurities (polar compounds) that cause off-flavours and odours in used oil that can spoil fried food.

During frying, oil surrounds and soaks into food actually becoming a part of it. As oil breaks down, dissolved impurities also soak into food affecting its taste, texture and appearance. Daily use of MAGNESOL® XL extracts the off-flavours and odours dissolved in oil so that only fresh, clear and sparkling clean oil touches your fried food.

Cleaner oil means better tasting fried food and longer oil life. Longer oil life means lower frying cost and higher profit!

Oil Filtration Equipment - Portable & Built-in Type

Extend the life of your cooking oil by filtering with the LOW-BOY® Filter. Available in three sizes the LOW-BOY® Frying Oil Filter System is assembled in components for easy operating, cleaning and storing.

Oil Monitoring Equipment

The FROTTINO OIL MONITOR measures the quality of the oil by displaying the Total Polar Contents (TPC) in your oil on an LED screen. Unlike competitive units, the FROTTINO OIL MONITOR is simple to operate, simple to calibrate and is robust compared to monitors with exposed ceramic tips that are prone to breakage.

Hot Frying Oil Filter Paper

We stock sheets and envelopes for restaurant hot frying oil filters manufactured by Belshaw, Broaster Dallas Low Boy, Dean, Frymaster, Henny Penny, Keating, Mies, Pitco, Prince Castle, Renu, Winston and others.