ISP operates on a global basis and is the leading manufacturer of PVPP stabilizers to the beverage industry marketed under the trade name POLYCLAR®.

POLYCLAR® stabilizers are recognized as one of the most effective colloidal stabilizers available. These products are used by many of world's foremost breweries and wineries.

Polyclar® Plus

The POLYCLAR® PLUS family of products is a composite of micronized cross-linked PVPP and a specially developed grade of silica xerogel. They are designed to take advantage of the synergism between these two components for extending beer shelf life, enhancing flavor stability, and extending beer filtration.

The POLYCLAR® PLUS grades are all dual acting stabilizers offering a highly effective method for preventing non-biological haze in all types of beer.

Polyclar® Brewbrite

Unlike other POLYCLAR® products, POLYCLAR® BREWBRITE is designed to be used upstream in the brew kettle. Brewers will find that POLYCLAR® BREWBRITE provides a startling enhancement in wort clarity, wort yield and reduced fermentation time and­ a combined increase in a brewery's productivity that may increase profitability by as much as 15%.