BASF Bleaching Clay

BASF (formerly Engelhard) is the acknowledged market leader for acid activated bleaching clays. BASF products are unsurpassed for efficient, economical colour removal in vegetable oils, petroleum oils and waxes.

BASF bleaching earths are highly effective in removing these detrimental materials from a wide range of edible oils.



OIL-DRI Bleaching Clay

OIL-DRI Corporation manufactures a full line of natural bleaching clay marketed under the Pure-Flo® brand name that help edible oil refiners improve their processes and their products. Pure-Flo® adsorbents remove color, chlorophyll and other pro-oxidants from edible oils, fats and tallow while keeping filtration rates productive.

OIL-DRI offers the most flexible line of bleaching adsorbents and filtration adsorbents in the industry. Unique minerals and proprietary processing technologies deliver a wide range of performance benefits that can improve your process, your product and your margins.

GENERAL FILTRATION stocks and distributes these industry leading bleaching products.