Pressure Leaf Filters


GENERAL FILTRATION represents WHITTIER FILTRATION (formerly U.S. Filter) for the sale and service of their AUTO-JET, FILTRA-MATIC and VERTI-JET pressure leaf filters. We supply all necessary spare parts and information for these excellent filters that are widely used in many industries including gold refining, chemical processing, pulp and paper, food, beverages, steel, power generation and pharmaceutical, . We know how to get the best performance from your pressure leaf filter. Talk to one of our experienced engineers today.


AUTO-JET is the premium, self-cleaning leaf filter designed for efficient filtration in the most severe applications. AUTO-JET maintains full rated capacity even with heavy, sticky or unusually tenacious cakes. AUTO-JET leafs are interchangeable and provide uniform precoating, filtration and cake buildup.

  • Superior Filtration & Self-Cleaning—As the filter leaves rotate, flat, knife-like jets of cleaning liquid strip away the heaviest cake and scrub the entire surface area. Using only a fraction of the cleaning liquid required by other types of filters, Auto-Jet completely cleans the filter surface area in three minutes or less.
  • Quick & Easy Maintenance—access for inspection and maintenance is simplified by the quick-opening Auto-Lok door. By removing a single nut on the filtrate shaft, leaves can be slipped off the cantilevered shaft without entering the filter.
  • Choice of Construction Materials—standard sizes range from 50-2000 square feet are manufactured with steel, stainless, monel, nickel, Hastelloy™ and other metals to conform with ASME code specifications.
  • Wet or Dry Cake Discharge—Normal configuration is wet cake discharge using sluice jets for cleaning. With dry cake discharge option, air dries the cake and the leaves rotate against a knife blade cutoff.


FILTRA-MATIC is a versatile pressure leaf filter for tough filtration jobs with large volumes of liquid. It is especially useful where a dry cake discharge is desired. Filter leaves have heavy-duty construction with the flexibility needed to prevent deformation.

Two Retracting Designs

  • FILTRA-MATIC RT -- The filter vessel retracts from the stationary leaf bundle. All connections, including the filtration outlet nozzle, are located in the stationary front section. Process piping remains intact during cleaning, eliminating misalignment problems. Retraction of the shell exposes the entire leaf bundle for ease of inspection and maintenance of the filtration surfaces. minimizes cake drop-off into the shell during the opening step of dry cake discharge systems. the RT is available in cylindrical or conical tank configuration.
  • FILTRA-MATIC RB -- The leaf bundle retracts from the stationary filter vessel. This design features excellent sluicing characteristics and easily accessible filter leaves for quick cleaning and inspection.


Rectangular VERTI-JET leaves fit vertically into a discharge manifold at the bottom of the tank. To inspect leaf surfaces, the top cover is simply opened and leaves can be visually inspected without removing them from the tank shell.

Leaf Designs

  • Light duty leaves have a single center mesh for drainage covered by a fine outer mesh. Not recommended for textile cloth coverings.
  • Standard leaves have a perforated, corrugated metal center-drainage member covered by fine mesh or textile cloth. An intermediate screen layer between the drainage member and the outer covering is optional.
  • Heavy-duty leaves have a rigid perforated and corrugated metal drainage member. Intermediate back-up screens fastened over each side of the base screen "cushion" the outer fine mesh or textile cloth covering.
The outlet nozzles in all three designs are sealed to the outlet manifold with an O-ring gasket.