Gravity Bed Filters

The GRAVITY BED FILTER is a reliable, economical way to filter many liquids, especially metalworking coolants. The INDUSTRIAL DEEP BED unit provides unsurpassed quality at a competitive price.

Properly selected roll media continuously "self-indexed" across the filter bed effectively separates the particles from the liquid.

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Various manufacturers have differing styles that have in common the use of gravity to separate particles from fluid through a bed of media.  

Regardless of design, these units are termed “self-indexing”. The roll media sits on a spindle or roll and is stretched across a mesh conveyor which supports the media.  The dirty liquid flows onto the clean media. As the suspended particles steadily become trapped in the pores of the media, the rising liquid level above the media activates the conveyor which indexes a stretch of new, clean, media and the filtration resumes.