Filter Presses

The FILTER PRESS  has numerous versions. The illustration shows a press with caulked-in metal septa with recessed cake space.

Other types have flush plates dressed with paper or cloth separated by open frames where the cake is formed.

The presses may be automated. Some operate up to 250 psi. (18 atm.).

The filter is used where dry cake discharge is required and in systems where no dangerous or toxic fumes exist.

Sperry Filter Presses

For over 25 years, GENERAL FILTRATION has sold SPERRY FILTER PRESSES. Using many different materials, D. R. SPERRY manufactures FILTER PRESSES that are used in various industrial filtration applications including chemical processing, wastewater, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, metal hydroxides and metal recovery.

Filter Press Plates     Filter Press Sizing

Sheet Filters

Reconditioned Filter Presses

GENERAL FILTRATION sells reconditioned CARLSON stainless steel sheet filter presses and lenticular housings widely used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

These filters have been restored to virtually new condition and sell at a considerable discount from the price for new vessels.