Pressure Gauges

Monitoring both the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure helps the filter to operate at peak efficiency.

Standard Commercial Grade Utility Gauges

  • Reliable service in a wide range of applications including pumps, compressors and other equipment
  • Economically priced and long-lasting durable construction
Liquid Filled
  • Protects gauge internals
  • Provides continuous mechanism lubrication
  • Minimises the effect of severe environments

Differential Pressure Gauges, Switches and Transmitters

As a filter retains more solids, the pressure differential across the filter steadily increases.  To suit various applications and budgets, we supply instruments that measure and display the pressure differential on a single gauge.

  • Minimum ranges:  (0-5 psid)
  • Maximum ranges:  (0-300 psid)
  • Maximum line pressure up to 3000 psig
  • Various enclosures including NEMA 4X, Class 1 Div 1