Single Cartridge Housings

GFO Series

  • Cast iron and carbon steel construction
  • ¾” NPT connections
  • Model GFO10 holds 10" standard DOE (double open end) cartridge
  • Model GFO20 holds 20” standard DOE (double open end) cartridge
  • Cartridges sold separately


1A1 housings are commonly installed on flush lines to protect expensive pump seals

  • 3/8” NPT connections
  • Optional painted version
  • Readily available from stock
  • Cartridges sold separately

Big Blue

Big Blue housings are widely used in simple water filtration applications.  Rugged construction and large capacity make them a good choice for lower cost, lower maintenance installations.

  • Used with special diameter “Big Blue” cartridge (4½” O.D. x standard 10” long)
  • Cartridges sold separately

High Pressure

Some applications require a low-flow single-cartridge housing with a high-pressure rating. General Filtration's high-pressure cartridge housings in single, double or triple cartridge lengths are rated to 3000 psig.

GF Series

GF filter cartridge housings are a proven design suited for commercial and industrial
applications. Available in all 304 SS and Brass head with 304 SS sump. GF housings
accept double open end style cartridges with machined knife edge seal surfaces for a no
bypass seal. All sump seals are spring loaded allowing a variety of cartridge lengths.
Available in 3-3/4", 4-3/4, 10", 20", 30" and 40" sump lengths.